dimarts, 1 de febrer de 2011


Woman, the gallant and affable gentleman you love
and the dragon of sinuous and tortured thought you fear
is a two-headed monster capable of the most tender caresses,
a generator of sudden and cruel violence.

Woman, your home is a cavern with a mortgage,
a gloomy and bitter hovel of eclipsed moons
where you are tied to a chain of invisible links,
hard to drag, impossible to break.

Woman, love and hatred, fear and disillusionment
fornicate filling your head with maddened butterflies,
while the dregs of love which have gone sour fill
along with the puddles of resentment the ground you tread.

Woman, paradise is the dreamt and unattainable escape,
purgatory the dwelling where you chew your sorrow,
limbo the damp furrow where the jewel rusts,
hell the bruise inflicted on your epidermis.

Poem book Correspondència de guerra (2009)


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2 comentaris:

GLÒRIA ha dit...

En llengua anglesa també m'agrada molt. L'original és castellà o català-valencià, com ho vulguis?

http://alonsocatala.blogspot.com/ ha dit...

La meua llengua materna i la que empre com a creador és el valencià-català.
Aquest poema ha estat musicat pel cantautor Carles Pastor i gravat per a un treball discogràfic que aquest mes de febrer veurà la llum.